a group exhibition by Andy Anderegg, Christine Han, and Jackie Rines

DECEMBER 9, 2018 – JANUARY 20, 2019

Housewarming Party / Opening Reception: December 9th from 6-9pm

Additional open hours January 5th from 7-8:30pm and by appointment



By now I have moved so many times, to so many places, that my identity is no longer deeply bound to the city in which I live. Instead, I am anchored by my practice as an artist. No matter where I call home, my roles as teacher, maker, and curator have become my essential toolkit for building community. This process is articulated by the recent move of A-B Projects from its previous location adjacent to (and affiliated with) the historic Scripps College ceramics department to my studio in the Bendix Building, which is an exciting nucleus of artists, designers, galleries and garment businesses.  A team of friends (funded by an even bigger network of family, friends and acquaintances) helped me construct these walls, which delineate my private studio space for making (back of the house) from my public space for curatorial projects (front of the house).

The mission of A-B Projects is to exhibit work by artists who are expanding and redefining the field of ceramics. I believe that clay is a remarkable conduit for connecting people to each other and to place; A-B Projects is intended to foster these connections. With the relocation of the gallery and the inaugural exhibition in this space, I extend my home to you.

PLOT LINES is a group show about how we seek, locate, and manifest a sense of home within and around ourselves.

–Nicole Seisler, Founder & Director of A-B Projects

 Andy Anderegg was born in Austin, Texas. She got her MFA at the University of Kansas and lives in Los Angeles. She is a writing partner at 826LA and at the Pen-City Writers creative writing program at the Connally Unit, a maximum-security prison in southern Texas.

Christine Han immigrated to the United States from South Korea, and has lived in California, Nevada, Oregon and Illinois.  She studied cultural anthropology at Reed College and received her Post-Baccalaureate and MFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.  Han currently lives and works in Los Angeles, and her most recent oil paintings focus upon liminal moments, where the binary division between inside and outside is blurred and compressed.   

Jackie Rines is a Los Angeles-based artist who primarily works in clay at a large scale.  Her recent work addresses status symbols and power dynamics through the use of humor, opulence, and various genres of home décor that span from McMansions and Dictator Style to home goods readily available at outlet malls. Prior to attending UCLA for her MFA, Rines lived in Detroit. She has been awarded a Jerome Fellowship at the Northern Clay Center in Minneapolis and has been a resident at Henry Street Settlement in New York City.