DECEMBER 9, 2018 – JANUARY 20, 2019

PLOT LINES,  a group exhibition by Andy Anderegg, Christine Han, and Jackie Rines

Housewarming Party / Opening Reception: December 9th from 6-9pm

More information about this inaugural exhibition in the new location for A-B Projects is forthcoming.






(for images of previous shows, click here)

Alison Ragguette (April 2018)

Christian Tedeschi (March 2018)

Kari Marboe (February 2018)

Catherine Fairbanks (January 2018)

Brittany Mojo (December 2017)

Katherine L. Ross (November 2017)

Georgie Flood (October 2017)

Anna Delgado (September 2017)

Nikki Renee Anderson (April 2017)

Thomas Müller (March 2017)

Chris Miller (February 2017)

Esteban Pulido (January, 2017)

Laura Goble (December, 2016)

Kate Hampel (November, 2016)

Ariel Brice (October, 2016)

Kristen Morgin (September, 2016)

Soo Shin (May, 2016)

Charlie Schneider (April, 2016)

Steve Daly (March, 2016)

Nicole Seisler (December 2015)