Nicole Seisler is the Lincoln Visiting Artist in Ceramics at Scripps College in Claremont, CA from 2015 through 2018. Seisler bridges two institutions by teaching undergraduate ceramics courses at Scripps College and advising graduate students at Claremont Graduate University. She created A-B Projects as a platform to extend this connection to the general public and to expand the perception and role of ceramics from a specialized but marginalized craft to a more pluralistic field within the greater realm of contemporary art. A-B Projects will operate out of its current location in Claremont for the duration of Seisler’s tenure there.


The namesake of A-B Projects is Nicole’s old car, August Beater. Nicole bought this 25 year-old Toyota Corolla Deluxe during August 2012 (which was a tough month for Nicole), from a friend who referred to it as ‘the beater’. Thus, this beloved car became known as August Beater, or A-B, and Nicole affectionately painted it with this bright new identity. In July 2015 A-B experienced brake failure and had to be left behind in Oregon while en route from Seattle to Los Angeles, but its spirit lives on with the advent of A-B Projects.