A-B Projects is a Los Angeles exhibition space for work that expands and redefines the field of ceramics. Artists at A-B Projects are encouraged to push their practices forward by taking personal risks and daring to exhibit seemingly infeasible work. The ancillary mission of A-B Projects is to use clay as a conduit to connect and support community.

A-B Projects also hosts State of Ceramics, an ongoing series of discussions centered around evaluating the present and future of the ceramics field. These discussions are free and open to the public—the clay community and the clay curious—and are intended to be informal, open, and inclusive dialogues where participants are encouraged to share their unique perspectives and voices. Each State of Ceramics discussion is led by different ceramic artists—often those who are exhibiting at A-B Projects—and is prompted by specific, unanswered questions they have about the shifting dynamics of contemporary ceramics. This is an opportunity for us to take responsibility for how we want to shape our field. These collective conversations are geared towards understanding the state of ceramics, expanding possibilities, and building community as we move through this process.

Nicole Seisler founded A-B Projects in 2015 in conjunction with her position as Lincoln Visiting Professor of Ceramics at Scripps College in Claremont, CA. In 2018, Nicole relocated the gallery to the Bendix Building in downtown Los Angeles.



The namesake of A-B Projects is Nicole’s old car, August Beater. Nicole bought this 25 year-old Toyota Corolla Deluxe in Chicago during August 2012 (which was a tough month for Nicole), from a friend who referred to it as ‘the beater’. Thus, this beloved car became known as August Beater, or A-B, and Nicole affectionately painted it with this bright new identity. In the summer of 2015 A-B experienced brake failure and had to be left behind in Oregon while en route from Seattle to Los Angeles, but its spirit lives on with the advent of A-B Projects, which Nicole founded that same summer.

A-B Projects has been generously funded by contributions from the following community members: Adrienne Cole, Alison Limtavemongkol, Alison Ragguette, Allison Fall, Alyson Iwamoto,  Amy Santoferraro, Angeles Cossio, Anna Luis Delgado, Anonymous, Anonymous, Anonymous, Ariel Brice, Ariel Gout, Brittany Mojo, Caran Ruga, Carlos Ramirez, Carrie Gundersdorf, Caroline Handel, Charlie Schneider, Christy Matson, Cristina Garduño Freeman, CSUCI Ceramics, Daniel Alejandro Trejo, Debra Scacco, Earthbound Moon, Emily Schroeder Willis, Hannah Verlin, Hendrik & Pia Knoester, Janet R. Brandenstein, Jeffrey & Adrienne Seisler, Jo Easton, Johanna Herrebrugh, Judy Seltz, Julia Haft-Candell, Julie Schustack, K. Morgin, Kate Hampel, Katherine L. Ross, Katie Kirk, Leah Ollman, Lizzy Freedman, Marilyn Beller, Marjolein Cuellar, Maureen H. Wightman, Melissa Weber, Michelle Decker, Michelle Samour, Nicole Kaufman, Nicolette Veen & Wybren van Haga, Nikki Renee Anderson & Michael Kozien, Patrick ‘Q’ Quilao, Rebekah Myers & Tim Berg, Roy A. Wiscarver & Ann L. Bryant, Sandra Hershey, Scripps College, Shannon Goff, Jeannine Shinoda, Sonya Sanford, Susan & Peter Colby, Taylor Kibby, Thomas Müller, William Gordon, Zak Helenske, and a few dozen more.