State of Ceramics is an ongoing series of discussions centered around evaluating the present and future of the ceramics field. These discussions are free and open to the public—the clay community and the clay curious—and are intended to be informal, open, and inclusive dialogues where participants are encouraged to share their unique perspectives and voices. Each State of Ceramics discussion is led by different ceramic artists—often those who are exhibiting at A-B Projects—and is prompted by specific, unanswered questions they have about the shifting dynamics of contemporary ceramics. This is an opportunity for us to take responsibility for how we want to shape our field. These collective conversations are geared towards understanding the state of ceramics, expanding possibilities, and building community as we move through this process.

A-B Projects is experimenting with formats for documenting State of Ceramics. At this time discussions are recorded in writing only so as to maintain a safe space and maximum openness for participants. Each State of Ceramics has a guiding handout about the discussion topic and gallery director, Nicole Seisler, writes a summary of the dialogue. A-B Projects offers these documents as a record and as a possible prompt for others to host their own conversations. 


FEBRUARY 2020  |  Phoebe Cummings

Ephemerality, Recording, and Ceramics as a Time-based Medium

Discussion Guide

Discussion Summary